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TBI has decided on a new tactic today, as reported by Will Nunley, of WBBJ-TV there is a roadblock set up on Myracle Town Rd and twelve new investigators from TBI have been added to the case this morning.

(Editors Note: Nunley has been doing a stellar job in the field on this case, kudos, follow his tweets.) This investigation is beginning to sound very much like how Canadian Air Force Colonel Russell Williams was nabbed – by a roadblock where the tires on his vehicle were spotted by an eagle-eyed investigator and were visually consistent with tire treads found at the scene of one of the murdered women.

The 7th day of the search began again today, at the new command center, The National Guard Armory located at 256 West 9th St, Parsons.

Kristin Helm, spokesperson for TBI announced yesterday they were choosing to move to this location due to the amoung of evidence that has been collected, and their need for enhanced security.

I also know that you are dealing with issues of dissension in your communal congregation if you will, and I wanted you to know the nation is watching and we hold you up this Easter weekend...”As you know, at this time, we have one eyewitness, that’s Holly’s brother, and he was not able to give us a description…”…Mark Gwyn, TBI Yesterday, Holly Bobo’s cousin, Whitney Duncan, appeared on Fox News and Good Morning America, thanking the public and asking folks to keep searching.Brian Tate Head, principal inspector, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Pollution; Colin Douglas Henderson, Scottish Office; Mrs Louise Ann Henry, Department of Health; Roderic Morley Hewitt, for services to forestry; Thomas Albert Hilliard, for charitable services in Surrey; John Michael Hillier, director of administration, West Midlands Police; Anthony John Hirst, director, the Boat Museum; Lt Col Raymond Reginald Holland, for services to disabled ex-Servicemen and women; Derek Peter Holley, for political and public service; Miss Doreen Mary Horridge, Department of Health.David Morgan Hughes, Chief Conservator (Wales), Forestry Commission; Mohammed Hamid Husain, general medical practitioner, Rotherham; Mrs Eileen Isobel Mary Hutton, lately president National Childbirth Trust; Kazuo Ishiguro, writer; Mrs Norma Jean Izard, for services to women's cricket; Christopher Robert Jackson, member, Wales Tourist Board; Malcolm Stuart Jackson, Department of Social Security; Ivan Jacobson, consultant neurosurgeon, Dundee Royal Infirmary, for services to medicine.

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