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The , and actual tags from a couple original cars do not agree on the front and rear carbs.

They all agree about the center carb: 7011952 (turboglide) & 7012503 (3-speed). The numbers for the forward & rear carbs may be wrong We certainly hope this helps your pursuit of the TRI-POWER system for your Chevy!

One of the sought-after carburation systems for the early Chevy is the famous “348" tri-power.

Deciding to build a 1958-1961 tri-power car is easy; finding and collecting the parts is another story.

You may want the guys at Southeast Chevy Parts to help you with those hard to find parts or a complete system, all you have to do is call.1959-1961 Fuel Line Assembly. Throttle rod connecting front and rear carbs operates 1st and 3rd carbs simultaneously.

(Right-side) Brass fitting pointed out in photo is a 4-way fitting, fuel enters fitting from the bottom. Vacuum diaphragm operates forward carb & throttle rod operates rear carb.

The main differences and even some minor differences are pointed out below. Like most other Rochester carbs, the complete part number was stamped on the tag.

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This car has powerglide also and is sluggish until you get over 30mph then it responds pretty well 2/12/2016 This article was very helpful in identifying what I need to correctly set up my 348 3x2.

I looked for over a year for some of the correct parts.

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