Dating ministires sextus camp

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Our Body Shop Ministry takes cars that have been donated, refurbishes them, and auctions them off at our annual events.

These items we auction off are one of the ways we are able to keep the camp free…

From time to time as needs arise parishioners are advised of opportunities to reach out to others in need.

* School for Spiritual Directors in Clearwater, FL Sr.

Upon graduation, men are equipped with all the tools they will need to live a life free of alcohol and drugs because they receive the knowledge and training to become productive citizens of their communities.

Most importantly, they have been exposed to Jesus Christ and the power of His Word.

Please be aware that it is Diocesan policy that ALL volunteers complete the Safe Environment Process before they begin volunteering.

There are several reasons why the dioceses requires volunteers to go through the process.

The ministry is a long-term program and requires a minimum stay of six months, with many residents choosing to stay up to one year.3) The Child Abuse education we receive helps us to not only create a safe environment for children at our parish, but recognize signs of abuse and the grooming process Child Abusers use.The Safe Environment Process includes the following: The music ministry serves Christ the Light of the World Parish as well as St. We are fortunate to be able to enjoy the talents of the choir members along with Debbie Walters, Ray Judy and Greg Lesko.The ministry survives entirely on donations from individuals, businesses, churches and annual fundraisers.There is no cost to any man suffering from addiction to enter the program. The main requirement for any man to enter the program is that they are sick and tired of their addiction.

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