Did matt bomer dating stana katic

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Feel free to include other characters or leave some of these out.So here's mine: Eve: Stana Katic (from Castle)Roarke: James Scott (Days of our Lives) He's English, but I'm sure could adopt an Irish accent.

Even though he's all-powerful, he still has to deal with all kinds of tough, everyday decisions.

He has the longish dark hair and beautiful blue eyes.

This is how I see him in my mind when I'm reading.....

Overall, credit DC with continuing to make these movies first-class affairs, recognizing they provide a far more congenial environment to adapt comics than the mass appeal demands of live-action theatrical blockbusters. Executive producer, Sam Register; supervising producer, James Tucker; co-producer, Alan Burnett; director, Tucker; writer, Bob Goodman, based on the graphic novel “Superman: Brainiac” by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank; voice director, Andrea Romano; editor, Christopher D.

By that measure, even if this isn’t among Warner Bros.’ best animated releases, in terms of being unfettered by the need to serve everyone – catering rather to the sort of comics aficionados who don’t need any explanation regarding what Kandor is, or how the city could possibly fit inside that bottle – this is Superman unbound, indeed.

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