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As late as the 1920s, sexual abuse of children was described as an assault committed by "strangers" and the victim was perceived as a "temptress" rather than an innocent child [9].

The first public case of child abuse in the United States that garnered widespread interest took place in 1866 in New York City.

However, the number of Hispanic and Asian children grew by 5.5 million during this ten-year period, with Hispanic children younger than 1 year of age now accounting for 26.3% of this population [45,187].

One in five children in public schools in the United States is either from an immigrant family or is an immigrant him or herself [2].

Children were viewed as God's creatures, to be loved and protected, but also as sinful humans [8].

As a result, parents, teachers, preachers, and adults who were responsible for the moral upbringing and socialization of children were encouraged to use strict discipline to correct the evilness that was part of their human nature [8].

The notion of childhood in Europe during the Middle Ages was very different from contemporary Western views.

Many immigrant families are reluctant to seek or accept formal assistance from medical and social service institutions given past experiences with oppression, fear of being deported, and general distrust of authority figures [2].

Despite these trends, the literature examining child abuse in immigrant and ethnic minority families is quite minimal when compared to the larger picture of child abuse/maltreatment research.

Freud dismissed these as fantasies rooted in female psychopathology [192].

Freud's speculations contributed to later concerns about the reliability of sexual abuse reports [192].

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