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This is a list of all the nightclubs and late night bars in Chiang Mai.

I update this list of nightclubs as clubs open,close or change their name so you can bookmark the page or link to it if you like.

Located at the base of the Duang Tawan Hotel is advantageous for those hanging out on Loi Kroh Road.

Safe House Facebook :- https:// Sound Up - Formally Mandalay Nightclub Manadalay recenntly changed their name to Sound Up, (god Thai's are really bad at naming businesses).

You'll find a tonne of mostly Thai people here with DJ and electric dance music.

If you're going to buy a bottle anywhere in Chiang Mai this would be the place to do it.

Sometimes farang on farang, bar girl on bar girl, or farang on tuk tuk drivers.

If you're on a budget go with a few friends and get the 500 baht bottle of sangsom when you enter.

Sound Up Facebook: https:// Up CMI/ Mirror Cafe (Nightclub)Located in the popular Nimmanheimen area the Mirror Club is where 20y/o Thai's come to party.

Thai people call a Nightclub a Pub thus making is confusing.

A regular Pub what we think of Thai people would call a Bar.

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