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The four main characters were introduced one at a time in four trailers: Following the completion of Volume 1, the show had a brief hiatus before debuting Volume 2 at RTX 2014, and its online debut followed on July 24th, 2014.

Its first season premiered on May 7th, 2016 and ran for 24 episodes until October 15th, 2016 (one week before the premiere of Volume 4), and its second season premiered on May 13th, 2017, running for 22 episodes. Japan) was announced at RTX 2014, with the first three seasons getting home video releases with a Japanese dub.Many years ago, in a world known as Remnant, mankind lived in peace until the arrival of "The Grimm": malevolent creatures who emerged from the darkness to attack humanity.To fight back, mankind began harvesting a mysterious energy source known as "Dust" and used its power to not only drive back the Grimm but catalyze the growth of civilization across the planet.If you are checking on the status of your application, please click here.If you're a physician or specialist that is seeking out career opportunities at Sacred Heart Health System, please visit the Physician Recruitment web site for more information about our health system, our region, and available opportunities.

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