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Nobody knows exactly how many journalists are behind bars.

Very Good Company Indeed, there is little doubt that the authorities will shut down Ham-Mihan again and arrest editor-in-chief Ghouchani, who has already spent half a year behind bars.Foreign journalists, particularly those who received their accreditations in less restrictive times, have likewise become targets of Ahmadinejad's allies in the intelligence agencies and in the Pasdaran -- the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.The correspondent from the Spanish daily El País, for example, has been forced to pack her bags -- she provoked the ire of the regime by interviewing Montazeri's son.His crime: an interview with Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, who died last December and ranked among the most vociferous critics of the regime.It seems a bitter irony of history that the Islamic Republic, which emerged from the revolution against the dictatorial rule of the shah in 1979, is currently persecuting journalists more severely than virtually any other country in the world.

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