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Consequently, the researchers and healthcare personnel meet difficulties in interpreting the results and it is next to impossible to expect that two or more cancer patients could have the same alterations on the protein level.In this review we first focus on proteomic approaches used in the discovery and validation of new cancer biomarkers.

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They can be used to evaluate the progress of the disease and the effects of therapeutic interventions or for estimating cancer risk in individuals with family history of hereditary types of cancers.Deciphering the clinical relevance of candidate proteins or protein profiles and introduction of new protein biomarkers into clinical setting is further complicated by the vast dynamic range of proteins and their normal isoforms, new isoforms associated with the particular type of cancer, aberrant processing into mature forms, anomalous chemical modifications of proteins, formation of immunocomplexes or complexes with other molecules, and heterogeneity of the disease [28].Certain posttranslational modifications (e.g., phosphorylation, methylation, glycosylation, S-nitrosylation, N-acetylation, lipidation, and proteolysis), which in healthy cells function as a key mechanism to increase proteome diversity, have been found to be altered in tumour cells, rendering nonfunctional proteins or modifying the target locations of the particular protein, and these changes could also be of importance in clinical diagnosis [4, 19, 29].Cancer molecular heterogeneity can be observed on several levels: (1) genetic heterogeneity—copy number variations, point mutations, and different levels of gene expression; (2) heterogeneity in the germline background, which promotes generation of different aberrations in tumour cells and surrounding tumour stroma in individual patients; (3) epigenetic heterogeneity; and (4) phenotypic heterogeneity [30].These inter- and intratumour heterogeneities add an additional level of complexity.

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