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It will not be limited or reduced, nor will the Lender be responsible or owe any duty (as a fiduciary or otherwise) to me, nor will the Lender's rights under this Agreement be prejudiced by the existence or occurrence (with or without my knowledge or consent) of any event whatsoever..

If the Borrower becomes bankrupt or insolvent or the Lender files any claim for payment with any trustee or receiver, the Lender may require that I will immediately pay to the Lender any money or other property that the Borrower has paid to me in respect of my Claims..

You must provide the date you began using your trademark and a specimen (real-use sample) showing how the mark is actually being used with the goods/services. A Section 1(b) filing basis applies when you have not yet started using your trademark. Failure to file these documents will result in the cancellation of your U. registration and the invalidation of protection of the international registration by the USPTO.

You cannot set them to NULL, because another delete would be correct then.

This Agreement is in addition and without prejudice to any security of any kind now or in the future held by the Lender.

This is the content of the form and is provided for your convenience.

When you invalidate something you are making it less true, less official, or less correct.

If you buy something that doesn't work properly and then try to fix it yourself, you invalidate the warranty.

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