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I knew nothing of the Montana 500 till last summer. You are right, Garrett Green is quite a guy and FULL of information.

I had bought a trailer load of parts to get a chassis. He must have talked for 30-45 minutes encouraging me to get going with my build. I think way more than I could absorb in the short time we talked.

cheers AB Anthony, locking one of the front shackles would mean some side motion of the front axle when it springs up and down.

Since the steering is controlled by a cross shaft in almost the same direction as the sideways motion, I'd suspect some bump steer.

I gave a 26-7 roadster body to a body man friend of mine. You wouldn't believe the grief I got from the fellas when I took a sanding wheel to the frame to remove the rust. I wish they'd machined them with a radius there.

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Of the 39 rejected blocks: 49% had cracked seats 28% had cracked cylinders 38% had water jacket cracks of those, only two were cracked in the back. I will try to get a picture of them up here sometime. The bottom hooks onto the radius rod with two u-bolts from a u-joint. I like them for early Ford V-8 cars as they are fairly short. These shocks are off of some sort of motorcycle or snowmobile, I believe. My understanding is MAECO is Monroe [Monroe Auto Equipment COmpany] I've sent them an email request with the numbers stamped on the shock and requested a current part number. never noticed the need for shocks, except when watching the Hasslers when I had the front fenders off. heck, they're bolt on, so it won't be a big deal.

I'll be sure to bring my umbrella to keep the gravel spray from covering me up.... The front set-up on my coupe is also totally bolt-on. The fronts don't change the ride so much, but help the car hold the road.

Gary, my front set-up will not bolt onto a 1915 as I use the bumper mount hole, which a '15 frame doesn't have. I thought that was a hole I didn't have on my frame....

Locking the front shackle was the best mod I ever did. The rear one helped this car a lot too and is probably a bit neater but not quite as rigid I suppose, not that it matters.

My local spring setter bloke says to run leaves dry.

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