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My name is Justin Church I am 17 and I live here in Bozeman Montana.

You have been a huge inspiration to me along my drumming path and want to thank you deeply for the amazing music and inspiration that you and STYX have been given me as a fan.

And then you sprinkle in this magical 32nd note run from down to up to down again on the toms.

However, ‘Santa’ bought him a set of drums for his 2The point of my story is that you were gracious enough to notice my son while you and the band were bowing at the end of the show (making a gesture toward him and mimicking headphones, which he was wearing), and you threw out a stick toward us, which the person in front of us caught, and handed to my son.

All he could talk about on our drive home (4 hours back to Ohio!

You do this a few times before moving into the double bass/tom destruction.

It seems like it could be some sort of inverted paradiddle pattern but I just can’t crack it, and it’s killing me.

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