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Therefore, no government or any other party can deny the existence of Rama.

Some of these so-called “great advocates” of Hinduism did not show guts to take on the Government/Karunanidhi, and proved that Rama is as historical fact and not a myth.

This particular view is also supported by the fact that when Hanuman travelled to Shri Lanka in the search of Sita, over there he saw elephants having four teeth.

Hence, this is now an issue for archaeologists/biologists to ascertain when did such elephants exist on earth?

Hence, whether Rama existed or not cannot be decided on basis of scientific or historical findings.

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Hurriayat also claimed that scientific or historical evidence is not the yardstick to judge various issues related to religion.

As of now, many scientists, based on astronomical data, have propounded that Rama existed around 5044 BC.

In such a perplexing situation it becomes very difficult for common masses to arrive at any conclusive view regarding the existence of Rama.

There can be nothing more shameful than living in India and yet denigrating one of its greatest role models.

Kindly read and circulate widely on eve of the Ayodhya judgement: Nowadays, the issue of Ramsetu is highly talked about by many people.

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