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Season 6, Episode 2September 24, 2007In the conclusion of a two-part “Star Wars” spoof, Han Solo (Peter) and Luke Skywalker (Chris) infiltrate a Death Star held by Darth Vader (Stewie) in their attempt to rescue Princess Leia (Lois).

Brian takes Chewbacca's role while Quagmire plays C-3PO and Cleveland is R2D2. A jealous Stewie considers matricide because he didn't get to go on a cruise with Peter and Lois.

Manilow, who also lends his voice, performs a variation on "Mandy."Season 6, Episode 11March 2, 2008Peter and Lois' marriage might be on the rocks, but that doesn't stop them from accompanying Brian on a vacation to Martha's Vineyard when Brian wins the New England Rising Writer's Award.

And as Peter's drinking spirals out of control, so does Brian's self-restraint as he professes his undying love for Lois.

Season 6, Episode 7November 20, 2007Peter's an illegal alien: It seems that he was born in Mexico and his mother (voice of Phyllis Diller) never filled out his U. Meanwhile, Brian and Stewie decide to buy a dilapidated house and renovate it.Loretta tells Cleveland to meet her at her hotel, which he does.Loretta says she wants to start a new life with him, but he says that while he will always have a place in his heart for her, he has to move on, and advises her to do the same.He goes to Carolyn's apartment and sees her having sex in her car with Quagmire.Since Brian and Cleveland have been cheated on by the same woman, they remain friends.

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