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Due to the involvement of the Australian FFC, only one non-Australian actor was allowed to appear in the film, and Clark initially considered David Bowie, whom he had known back in the 1980s, and later briefly thought of John Hurt, although neither was available.s creators attended the Cannes to advertise their project, despite the fact that they had not yet confirmed any actors for the roles.

Their primary choice for the role of Bernadette was Tony Curtis, who read and approved of the script, but eventually became unavailable.

Before they arrive at Alice Springs, Tick reveals that Marion is actually his wife, as they never divorced, and that they are actually going there as a favour to her.

Continuing their journey, Adam is almost mutilated by a homophobic gang before he is saved by Bob and Bernadette.

Together, they fulfil a long-held dream of Adam's, which, in the original plan, is to climb King's Canyon in full drag regalia ("A cock in a frock on a rock").

Upon arrival at the hotel, it is revealed that Tick and Marion also have an eight-year-old son, Benjamin, whom Tick has not seen for many years.

By the time their contract at the resort is over, Tick and Adam head back to Sydney, taking Benjamin back with them, so that Tick can get to know his son.With filming over, the director and producers began editing the footage, repeatedly travelling to both London and to Los Angeles, which had then just been hit by the 1994 Northridge earthquake.On the advice of early viewers, the film was shortened and scenes such as Adam's flashback about his pedophilic uncle were edited down.Só que no caminho eles descobrem que quem os contratou foi a esposa de Anthony.Anthony "Tick" Belrose (Hugo Weaving), using the drag pseudonym of Mitzi Del Bra, is a Sydney based drag queen who accepts an offer to perform his drag act at Lasseter's Hotel Casino Resort managed by his estranged wife Marion in Alice Springs, a remote town in central Australia.

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