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Unit 4 covers how to stay STI free, the risks of becoming sexually active, and the kinds of treatment people with STIs undergo.Most importantly, we'll debunk a bunch of myths surrounding STIs and the people who have them, and point out that STIs can happen to Shmoop's pretty stoked to dedicate all of Unit 5 to pregnancy and baby-havin' in general.It's a pretty "hot topic," if you know what we mean, and Shmoop is just the one to fan the flames of knowledge.And rest assured: no storks, birds, or bees were harmed in the writing of this lesson."Sex" is one of the most taboo words in the English language, and regardless of your feelings on (or experience with) the subject, it's something adults and teens don't usually love discussing with each other. One of the perks of online education is that happens to have zero shame when it comes to sexuality, sexual health, and the biological functions of sex itself.We've stepped in, in lieu of a typical teacher, on the front of educating about everything from puberty to gender to dealing with unplanned pregnancy, to a person's sexual awakening. In all honesty, though, we start out with a discussion about puberty and biology (the most basic parts of sex and sexuality), and venture into more touchy, varied, and debatable topics.Because let's face it: Not everyone has sex for the purpose of making babies, so it can come as kind of a nasty shock when baby comes anyway.Even if said baby Here's the thing: Sometimes, when people get pregnant, they're less-than-stoked about the idea of actually raising the baby.

We'll talk about what makes something illicit or taboo, and how the definition of "sex" is ever-evolving. We'll start off Sex Ed with a modest-but-informative unit about puberty.

That's why this unit is dedicated to what happens when an unplanned pregnancy is thrown into the mix.

We'll talk about adoption and foster care, and how it can sometimes be preferable to give a baby up when the parents can't take care of it themselves.

Well, Shmooper, there comes a time in an educational website and a student's relationship where they need to have "the talk." You know…the birds and the bees; the flowers and the pollen; the storks and the…storks the storks have crushes on.

It's true—we haven't yet discussed the big and it's high time we did.

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