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That leaves the story short a satisfactory ending, so .... after building the ringwatch nest in a tree above the ground near the tomb entrace, the bird found a mate, made some baby chicks, fed 'em for a few weeks, then kicked them out on their arses and told them to get a friggin' job already(only she said it in Chinese/Bird, where it is much more insulting).

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There is no mistery there, This academic people don't know the world so they can't think about how it happened, obviously some rich swiss traveler who owned that ring traveled to China, lost the ring watch, some bird got it as a shining piece of julerie and transported it to the nest near or inside the thumb. True or not, The contemplation is still stimulating to the mind!!!For some, this type of discovery could have only meant one thing—it was evidence of time travel. In 2008 it was reported by several news outlets that a team of archaeologists had made a puzzling discovery.Reports described the team as comprised of archaeologists and journalists filming a documentary at a dig at a sealed tomb dating to the Ming Dynasty in Shangsi, southern China.Tiny hands on the watch showed time had frozen at .Most astonishing of all, the back of the diminutive watch was said to have the word “Swiss” or “Switzerland” written in English.

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