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Unplugged the battery for five minutes, plugged it in and held down the on button for 30 seconds. From: PAUL KAY FOSTER MACKENZIE on 02/23/2012 BIOS is checked out when computer is switched on and reports configuration, if set as 1st boot device hard drive at Bios boots here, if Bios is set to another device it boots there, 1st boot sequence is your 1st boot choice, if hard drive is the choice initialization activates a mechanical arm where mounted on its end is a head configuration comprising of magnetic small boxlike shapes the arm and its associated parts directionalises its self over to the outside cylinders on the platter/plate associated with the disc in the hard drive and attempts to read a ring of coded data and locates sector 1 and an area of data where reading executes from MBR (MASTER BOOT RECORD) and tells computer what PARTITION to boot in this case it is drive "C". I have had this issue with PEX-61e error for months now. From: Bridget & Waylon Vary on 11/11/2011 So my husband called Toshiba Tech Support and they could do nothing for him and that he should send it in to have it repaired... It suggested that you bang the harddrive to get it back on its rocker he looked at me like I was off mine lol... I found this thread so we opened up the computer and sure enough the hard drive was not seated properly.

Started the computer, same message and the hard drive isn't being read. From: Rachel on 03/10/2012 I now am getting the same message as everyone else, but I had just ran a program 'minitool drive wipe', as I am giving my computer to someone from work I really don't know very well. Since "C" is active partition on after the scan boot reports on 2 "FILE ALLOCATION TABLES" known as FAT and provides size, here is the record recordings of files on hard disc, after reading the 1st FAT, 2nd FAT contains "ROOT DIRECTORY" where 2 hidden system files are located and a "KEY FILE" called "COMMAND. PARTITIONING can in hard drive takes on other assigned letters "D" "E" "F" ETC. From: Calvin on 01/07/2012 I have been working on a Dell inspiron for about 3 weeks after replacing the second hard drive i notice the error PXE-E61 media test failure check cable. For the last year my computer has been dead to the world I was told my mortherboard was bad so finally I bought a new one and I was told my video card was bad so I finally but a new one. I've changed HDDs, configured and re-configured, changed jumper settings and spent countless hrs on the net trying to figure this out. What relief as I just payed to have the hard drive replaced. From: maribel on 10/01/2011 i was on imternet explorer on my laptop its a Think Pad Z61 and it shut down then when i tried to turn it on it says Broadcom UNDI PXE-2.1 v8.3.9Copyright (C) 2000-2005 Broadcom Corporation All rights reserved.

Reboot and Select proper Boot deviceor Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.

I tried the tapping the hard drive method, with no luck.

I connected it as well to the USB port on the side of the laptop, and it made no difference. Are there any sources I can use that can be provided to help fix this problem? From: Ellen on 01/13/2015 tapping, hitting is not working for me. Also I see people talking about "changing BIOS settings? All I have is a blank black screen with the error message and no options.

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I already set the hard drive as the first boot priority. I'm incredibly frustrated after working on fixing this laptop for almost a week now. Reboot and Select proper Boot deviceor Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key.From: Himanshu on 01/09/2012 Holy F*ck guyz it actually worked! just hit the damn hard disk from below and it fkin worked... And it's also good to put hard drive on the first place in bios - boot device.. During boot up I get the following error: Yukon PXE v3.5.2.3 (20050803)Pre-boot e Xecution Environment (PXE) v2.1PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cale PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROMOperating System not found.I am trying to install windows 7 however i cant access the boot sequence menu due to a phoenix bios password.Boot Failure: System Halted Some people advised me that it is due to BIOS is trying to boot from the network card. My boot device priority is 1-Removable Dev.2-CD-ROM3-Hard Drive 4-IBA 4.0.19 Slot 0208 [I don't know what this means]I tried 1,2,3 in different orders, but didn't work. f12- boot priority - hdd first - save and exit and when appear icons below Toshiba In touch to the future hit again f12 and choose cd-rom icon - enter and it workiiin (was the problem pxe e61- media test failure, check cables and exiting intel boot agent) thanks all!!!From: John on 11/26/2016 You do not give us much information to work with for your problem.

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