Website to find registered sex offenders in your neighborhood

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A particularly annoying occurrence is when a registered sexual offender complains to me that they booked a cruise and received an email at the last minute that they are prohibited from going on the cruise.

I have received many of these type of inquiries over the last several months from men convicted of sexual crimes and listed as registered offenders wanting to cruise with Carnival.

So kudos to Carnival and Royal Caribbean for keeping known sexual offenders off their ships and trying to keep their guests safe.

Shame on the other cruise lines who don't perform such background checks.

Yes, I realize that all sexual offenders are not pedophiles or technically "sexual predators" (who by definition must have been convicted of a first degree sexual crime or multiple lesser sexual crimes).

It seems like only Carnival and Royal Caribbean do. I have handled over 100 cases and not a single one was committed by a known sexual predator, to my knowledge. That being said, good warning at the end to not let your guard down because of it.

But that doesn't stop communities around the country from excluding those on a registry from even living in a home, and must live on the streets.

Is there a problem of registered offenders on Halloweeen? There is not one offense anywhere by a previously convicted offender who preyed on children during Halloween.

The man was convicted, served jail time and when released from jail he attempted to molest other children. His name was flagged by a sweep of the manifest of passengers by Homeland Security officials who determined that the passenger was wanted for sexual assault in addition to assault with a weapon and forcible confinement. Regretfully, our federal government routinely looks at the ship passenger list only after the bad guys have already boarded the cruise ship. Customs and Border Protection arrested five passengers on outstanding warrants only after the returned to port in Galveston several years ago.

If you take a cruise, you may be cruising with at least one felon aboard. Cruise lines should do everything possible to keep pedophiles, sexual predators and sexual offenders off of cruise ships.

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