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What we don't have yet is support for actually running the validation on blur instead of on value change.

You can read more about regular expressions in MSDN starting at following URL: Regular Expression Validator is assigned to input field it looks like this in property grid: Super Validator component includes Comparison Validation that allows you to compare values of two input fields or to compare input field value to a predefined value you set.

On top of that we have a view with quite a complex UI with over 50 inputs divided into 5-6 components.

It’s safe to say that no other southeast Asian country is as diverse in culture, as Singapore.

You can use this for example to ensure that password entered matches the confirmation password on input form or to ensure that numeric input value is greater than number you specify.

However I agree that the messages are more cumbersome and sometimes obvious enough (like on a login screen) The problem is when to display them then?

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